Source: Extract from the monographic study “CÂMPENI (1366-2011)” by Professor VASILE BUD

Mayors of the Campeni City after 1900

(The list drawn up with the support of one of the ex-mayors, Nicolae Petruta)

  1. Samson Andreş, from Mihoieşti (mayor, and in the previous year 1900 he was vice-Mayor – “Tulişpan, Viceşpan).
  2. Constantin Cotişel, “Kis Solgăburău”. (Mayor of Campeni in 4/17 August 1904, when it was the fire)
  3. Nicolae Mucea, uncle of the doctor Sandi and Octavian (Tavi) Mucea (participant at the meeting of Alba Iulia from 1 December 1918. During his time, the central market was paved with a river stone (the so-called “Bicasei”).
  4. Ioan Andreica, member P.N.L., nephew of the Tribune Mihail Andreica
  5. Ioan Bordea – Cutea, member P.N. Ţ (mayor in 1933).
  6. Traian Gligor, mayor of the Goga-Cuza period. (He was the brother of priest Teodor Gligor of Ponorel).
  7. Ioan Bordea, with another mandate (see position 5).
  8. Ioan Andreica  also to another mandate (see position 4).
  9. Ioan Nicola, lawyer, during the Legionnaire Movement (1940-1941).
  10. Constantin Mihet.
  11. Gheorghe Nicola-named Vancu, din Arada (today Horea), in 1944-1945.
  12. Gherasim Paven, from Floreşti, the Plugarilor front, the father of Artemie Paven.
  13. Ioan Coroiu, after returning from the Russian Prisoner (USSR).
  14. Ioan Popa, in 1952, the father-in-law of Tavi Mucea.
  15. Vasile Gligan, from Sălciua.
  16. Ilie Bara, from Bonceşti.
  17. Nicolae Popa, son of N. Oneţ (‘ Nauă ‘).
  18. Ioan Felecan, railwayman from Turda, the father-in-law of the U.F.E.T. engineer, Teodor Doboş, from Postaga.
  19. Nicolae Petrusel 1957-1961.
  20. Nicolae Leahu, from Avram Iancu, ex- officer, in 1961.
  21. Vasile Gavrilă, from Aiud.
  22. Vasile Mucea, from Campeni City, the father of pharmacists Felicia Fărcaşu.
  23. Viorel Ivan (1968-1971), from Trâmpoiele – Zlatna.
  24. Vasile Câmpeanu (1971-1975), from  Lupşa-Musca
  25. Nicolae Drăgoi (1975-1979), currently a lawyer.
  26. Raveca Raţiu (1979-1984), from Sebeş.
  27. Zeno Nic, (1984-1989), professor.
  28. Liviu Hebedeanu (1990-1991), professor.
  29. Ioan Burz (1991), manager of the Electric Center.
  30. Nicolae Oprean (1992-1996), professor,jurist.
  31. Ioan Viorel Sicoe (1996-2004), professor.
  32. Ioan Calin Andreş (2004 and currently), engineer and jurist.